🪂Smart Points

Smart points will determine the allocation of $VMART token airdrops to our users, with higher smart point totals resulting in larger airdrops.

How are smart points calculated ?

Smart points are computed based on a user's total buy volume, primarily consisting of their total NFT purchases, alongside active listings, which also influence smart points.

Increasing NFT purchases from the Venomart marketplace will boost both buy volume and buy count, consequently raising smart points and leading to a higher allocation in airdrops 🪂

Where are smart points visible ?

We offer a dedicated leaderboard showcasing users with higher smart point totals. You can conveniently view your own smart points on this leaderboard.

Additionally, you have the option to filter smart point accumulation by time period, such as 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or all-time records.

Visit User Ranking page for the smart points leaderboard 🏆

Good Luck :)

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